Society has turned against the Church and launched a massive attack on the Catholic Faith.

Archbishop Alexander Sample

This year’s Keynote Speaker, Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland, Oregon

The media mocks and ridicules Catholics. We are branded as “intolerant” and “bigoted” because we uphold the truth about man and woman. And now the government is trying to force us to pay for contraceptives and abortion.

In the face of these assaults, lying low is not an option.

We are called to persevere and be faithful, in spite of the opposition we face. We are called to deepen our understanding of the Faith. And we are called to spread the Faith and re-evangelize a culture that has turned its back on God.

If you want to defend the Catholic Faith in the face of the challenges of our day, you should join us for three inspiring and informative days at the Catholic Answers 2014 National Conference, September 4-6 in beautiful San Diego.

The conference will feature dynamic talks by your favorite Catholic Answers speakers, as well as a keynote address by Archbishop Alexander Sample of the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon.  So join us and fellow Catholics who share your love of the Faith and your desire to see our land once again set afire by the fullness of the truth.

Join us as we let the Lion out of the cage.

Bishop James Conley

“Catholic Answers has always been on the cutting edge of Catholic apologetics, but I think they are poised to take evangelization to the next level. I highly urge anyone who is interested in the New Evangelization, which should be every Catholic, to attend the upcoming Catholic Answers Conference. I promise that you will not be disappointed.” -Bishop James Conley, Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, 2013 Keynote Speaker