Marriage is fundamental to mankind.


The war against marriage has reached staggering proportions in just the past twelve months. The Supreme Court has decided that homosexual “marriage” is legal. Across the ocean, the people of Ireland did the same. Television parades the unnatural in prime time. Grade-school curricula introduce disorder to the very young.

And this is just one set of assaults on marriage. There is also the divorce epidemic, unwed motherhood, immoral reproductive technologies, abortion and contraception, and many more.

Yet marriage is fundamental to mankind. It existed before any state. Indeed, the state cannot exist without marriage, and if Christians would devote themselves to God’s vision for marriage, the ills that plague our nation would fade away in two generations.

If we want to save our society—if we want to save souls—we need to save marriage.

Join special guests, Bishop James Wall, Fr. Larry Richards, Dr. Ray Guarendi, and Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse along with Patrick Coffin, Tim Staples, Jimmy Akin, Trent Horn, and Christopher Check for Catholic Answers 2016 Conference, “Restoring Marriage Today.” Registration for this event will be open soon.