Anthony Esolen
Anthony Esolen


Dinner Banquet 6:30 PM (Full Conference Only)

  2 hours

Keynote address by Anthony Esolen

“If you are a big fan of Anthony Esolen and his incredible pure gold wisdom (as I am), I would encourage you to look into attending the Catholic Answers 2020 Conference this coming September in LaJolla, CA. It was just announced that he is one of the many awesome Catholic apologists/speakers scheduled during the three day event. I attended last year’s and it was wonderful… you will find yourself surrounded by authentic Catholics (not the “cafeteria” types) and treated to very engaging and intellectual talks both by the speakers and other attendees. It was so refreshing, exhilarating and enjoyable to be able to meet and be around like minded Catholics sharing thoughts and concerns about our faith. Needless to say, I can’t wait to attend, hear and hopefully meet Mr. Esolen in person at this year’s Conference! (And, no, I do not work for or am related to anyone at Catholic Answers. I just support them fully in their work in spreading the TRUTH in this world drowning in darkness.)” – T. Baker